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The Factory Weekend

This is the weekend we always look forward to when The Factory visit with another of their amazing productions. This year Macbeth was a sell out:

Not enough seats.jpg

We were given The Porter Challenge and a mystery member of our team was asked to come with their own version of the Porter speech. 

Mel obliged!

Mel's Porter.jpg

And then Scott, as Macbeth, needed a bit of help from the rest of us:

Macbeth and audience.jpg

But Malcolm's celebration finished the play

Dancing Malcolm.jpg

 Photos: Tchad Blake




Keep Calm.jpg


What's On

Twelfth Night

Showing: 30th Jul 2017 @ 15:00

This is the Cardiff Everyman Youth Theatre's third open air production. Following the success of Hamlet and Richard II, both cast 'gender blind', the Youth Theatre have been exploring gender fluidity, more

The Tempest

Showing: 05th Aug 2017 @ 19:00

Enter Mariners, more

The Golden Oak- Cat Weatherill

Showing: 01st Sep 2017 @ 19:00

People love trees! The Woodland Trust alone has over 500,000 members. Thousands more enjoy woodland walks without joining anything! A walk is one of life's greatest free pleasures.

And more

The 2017 Season......

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