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December 2015

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It is said that Dickens invented our Christmas and indeed Shakespeare may well be representing earlier, Elizabethan attitudes in only referencing the Festival three times in his plays. There is mention of ‘our saviour’s birth’ of course in Hamlet and countless references to ‘winter and rough weather’ but I feel we’ve had enough of that over the last months and weeks so perhaps this is the time to look forward to the Spring and the New Year. One of the Welsh words for spring is ‘Gwanwyn’ which is fittingly the title of the festival organised by Age Cymru for May each year. We have taken part in the past years and are applying yet again to be part of the events in May 2016.
Our work with Senior Citizens is a core part of Shakespeare Link’s activity and the Have-a-Go sessions, although resting over Christmas, will be picking up again in the week of January 4th. Rhayader will be starting another play, Llandrindod will be continuing Measure for Measure and Builth will be continuing with Two Gents. Below is a photograph of some of the Rhayader group.
Rhayader Have a go_Much Ado 2015.jpg
Photo © Lydia Booth
Sue and Phil were able to make a quick trip to New York in November to catch up with some Shakespearean activity. During their trip they caught up with Jane Bradley, one of the Wet Mariners, who is assisting on a production of Nora at the Cherry Lane Theatre on Commerce Street in the West Village. She and Sue are seated in the auditorium of this pretty little theatre awaiting curtain up!
Sue Jane_NY 2015.jpg Sue_Cherry Lane Theatre_NY 2015.jpg
Once Christmas is over we start our rehearsals for Much Ado which will be going into the Wyeside on Sunday 10th at 3pm for one performance only. These midwinter revivals of our previous summer Community productions are becoming more and more popular so book now by contacting the Wyeside on 01982 552 555 or CLICK HERE to visit their website for more information.
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We hope to see you there!

Heigh ho the holly

This life is most jolly!

Happy Christmas to all!