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March 2016

Once again our annual Community Shakespeare brightened up a winter‘s Sunday afternoon at the Wyeside. The Willow Globe Company‘s production of 'Much Ado About Nothing' had previously played the Willow, Llowes and Allt-y-Bela in summer 2015 and we revived the production for one night in Builth Wells this January. We were given a warm welcome by the enthusiastic audience and our thanks goes out to the Wyeside team for hosting us.

Much Ado title.jpg

Back at Penlanole farm, the magnificent snowdrops are carpeting the Willow Way and signs of spring are all around.

snowdrops copy.jpg

3K3A4267.jpg 3K3A4242.jpg

Photos © Lydia Booth 

This is the time when work on the structure of the Willow Globe commences.   Copicing and re-weaving of the fedges surrounding it has already begun and our dedicated expert volunteers will soon move onto the main task; the Willow Globe haircut! Only when the weather permits and before the sap rises, can they take on this momentous task of pruning, taming and cajoling the willow into the sturdy and ever growing structure of our beautiful theatre. 

One of the spin offs from Phil’s year as Sheriff has been a joyous link with Ysgol Cedewain who we have been following over the last 12 months. Culminating in a performance at Theatr Hafren, this Arts Council funded Dawns Stori o Gwmpas Y Byd (Dance Story Around the World) has been delivering aspects of the National Curriculum through the medium of creative movement and dance. 

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Photos © Alan Bridge

Here's a note from the Headteacher, Lauris Palshis:

"Over the last year Ysgol Cedewain has been involved in an Arts Council of Wales funded child-led project to deliver parts of the curriculum and the LNF to 8 classes throughout the school through the medium of creative dance. We employed two dance practitioners  to work in collaboration with teachers  to begin to embed the creative process and creative habits of mind into our school pedagogy.
 We are a special school in Newtown Powys and our pupils are aged 3-19 and have severe learning difficulties, many are autistic or PMLD.  On 27th January we gave a hugely entertaining gala dance performance at Theatre Hafren to a theatre full of friends, family and the wider public. We would love you to watch the whole performance which will soon appear on our school website but have selected one small piece for you to see that exemplifies the thrust of the project. It shows two 13 year olds who, throughout their time studying the Red Kites of the Elan Valley, developed a dance incorporating their understanding and feelings about that iconic Welsh bird.  
Ysgol Cedewain is now a partner in the Lead Creative Schools Scheme."
CLICK HERE to see the piece 
2016 is a very special year for us - not only is it the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, but it will also be the 10th year of the Willow Globe! As ever, we will kick off with Shakespeare's Birthday (& 'death-day'!) Bash on 23rd April.

 Watch this space for further announcements about our 2016 season.