Alison Skilbeck visited us for Shakespeare's Birthday 

'The Power behind the Crone'

Here she is, in performance

In Performance PbC.jpg

taking her applause

Applause PbC.jpg.

and in discussion afterwards

Discussion PbC.jpg

We put the Circus Tent up and have two venues

Two venues.jpg

Our Community Shakespeare Production of Henry V

plays in the Willow

MacMorrish and Jamy.jpg

Touch of Harry in the Night.jpg

and in the tent


where it all seems to end happily

Act V Saturday.jpg

and then the cast demonstrate the Welsh bowmen's technique

V Sign.jpg

 And then on to Broneirion

Bron HV end.jpg

Another Edinburgh preview was Christopher Hunter's Venus and Adonis on June 4th

Venus perf 2.jpg

Venus perf 3.jpg

Venus perf 4.jpg

Venus perf 5.jpg