This is a page of articles, references and photographs celebrating Shakespeare Link's activities over the last 25 years. We'll be adding more as they come in.


'Oh, for a falconer's voice!/ To lure this tassel-gentle back again.'

How often have we heard that line but what, specifically, is she talking about? Well, when we were in rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet in the spring of 2011 a rare silver whistle was discovered in a field near Old Radnor. It is thought to date from the second half of the seventeenth century, in other words not long after Romeo was written. Some poor falconer had lost the whistle while out hawking. The Friends of Llandrindod Wells Museum bought it for the Museum and it was there that Amy Corbett, our Juliet, and Robin Scott-Wilson, our Romeo, had the opportunity of inspecting the 'falconer's voice'. If you are in Llandrindod you can see it to this day - it's in a cabinet on the ground floor to the left as you enter the Museum.



This is a piece that Andreea Iacob wrote for STUDIA UBB DRAMATICA, LXI, 2, 2016, p.251 - 253. Andreea invited us to be part of the Intalnirile Internationale - The International Meetings - in Cluj which took place in October 2014, the theme that year being the 'Paths of Freedom'. During our stay we saw her production of Twelfth Night performed by the inmates in the Cluj Women's Penitentiary. When we held our Sharing Shakespeare International Festival in July 2016 we were thrilled that she was able to join us. This is her impression of that event.

  Andreea's Article.pdf


 We are always banging on about imagination and creativity - this is one of my favourite photographs. We took it in a workshop in Manilla in 1994. It shows Bottom 'translated'. Funds didn't allow for a head so we had to improvise and there just happened to be a bag handy. I love the actor's expression of pure joy! Can't remember if Titania was similarly enthused but I hope so. 



In 2006 we thought that we should have a theatre. But where?

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